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Why Marketplace

Marketplace is the innovative convergence point for investors, fund managers, and service providers in the alternative investment sector.
It stands as a comprehensive hub for investment interactions, equipping investors with a vast array of fund information for electronic investment opportunities. Fund managers gain a showcase for their performance data and materials, while service providers increase their industry presence.

We deliver a streamlined platform enabling investors to discover and follow funds, fund managers to list and leverage market insights, and service providers to highlight their expertise to an engaged audience. Marketplace was conceived to open up the alternative investment world, creating a connected, efficient ecosystem for enhanced decision-making for investors, streamlined management for fund managers, and targeted exposure for service providers.

Who we serve

Investors Fund managers Service

Tailored for investors crafting portfolios and engaging digitally, Marketplace also serves fund managers looking to elevate their visibility and tap into strategic analytics, as well as service providers seeking to connect with leading funds.

Marketplace stands out by offering free access for investors and initial fund managers and service providers. It leverages Formidium technology's CSD for an unmatched investment process and provides a versatile platform for industry research
and connections. 



Identify the most exciting funds in the world.


Intelligently add funds to your watch list, create hypothetical portfolios with the option of embedding your existing funds.


Easily track fund’s performance.


Engage with fund managers via email or electronically invest using CSD.

Fund managers


Increase your visibility by showcasing to qualified investors.


Convert prospective investors & electronically onboard them


A premier destination to find the services you need


Use data to decide where you should focus your time

Service providers

Legal services
Broker/ dealer
Technology solution

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